A passion handed down from the grandfather, pushes Dalila Lucio to create his Bijoux with BOTTEGUCCIA brand

From paper drawings to hand applications, the step is short, especially for Dalila Lucio, a young Neapolitan,
a sociology student, just twenty-six, who devotes much of her time to her personal label:
BOTTEGUCCIA, an emerging brand of charming and innovative jewelry and bijoux.
Botteguccia jewelry is a riot of colors and shapes that are very different from each other,
whose common denominator is to amaze thanks to that swarm of colors,
of super-colored gems and stones with sparkling effects.
A mix & match, in short, of micro and macro gems that characterize both maxi size earrings and rigid necklaces,
following a unique style that is certainly at the forefront also for the costume jewelery market.


The story of Dalila Lucio, however, was born much earlier: when his grandfather, wholesaler of small jewelery trinkets, the scova while starting to browse among the thousands and thousands of rings, nails, pacifiers, charms and rhinestones, preserved meticulously in many wooden boxes.
Dalila was only six years old at the time, but since then the "magical" cellar where his grandfather kept his precious, has become a hiding place for her, a meeting place to express her creativity, her innate passion, to the point of naming its brand BOTTEGUCCIA, a way perhaps to honor and elect his grandfather's work and with it, his childhood memories.
It is in that "little shop" that Dalila began using pliers, creating necklaces and earrings, and in July 2008 it happens that, shortly after creating one of his usual earrings, he goes to a boutique and the owner of the store notices them and falls in love, buying them immediately for his shop.
From then on it was an escalation of stores that wanted to buy Dalila's creations, and then resell them in their concept stores. Dalila's sacrifices have been rewarded, in fact thanks to her "inheritance" that his grandfather left and transmitted and thanks to his small shop and his magical pincers, the young designer has made her passion become a job in every respect

"I dedicate my days to my greatest passion, that is the creation of jewelry, which quickly became my full-time job"

Dalila Lucio
Designer Botteguccia